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Consistency is the key to our success, and to yours.

Consistency in quality, service and operations is what we’re all about. To achieve that consistency, we’ll train and support you every step of the way. No experience is necessary to own a successful Vera’s Burger Shack franchise. You just need enthusiasm, commitment, a cooperative spirit and a willingness to learn.

  • IN-STORE TRAINING. Our extensive training program covers every aspect of store operations and ownership including best practices, computer operations, human resources, leadership and financial analysis and – most importantly – how to cook and serve the food that makes us famous!
  • SITE SELECTION, DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION. Every Vera’s franchise location is in a “protected” area and follows the same design standards, because at Vera’s we work together… not against each other. We hire Commercial Real Estate Brokers to find suitable sites for franchises, and can provide a contractor or work with the one of your choice to build out your franchise location. We’ll also provide the on-site inspections for you.
  • PURCHASING & OPERATIONAL SUPPORT. We’re with you every step of the way, from Opening Day onwards. We provide a wide range of operational support to every franchise including negotiations of contract pricing with vendors providing key ingredients and other supplies, and we also provide ongoing, detailed and comprehensive training and operations materials for owners and their staff.
  • COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING. We keep you supported, informed and up-to-date on operational and other information through regular newsletters and other communications as required. And with Vera’s, you’re part of a strong, recognizable brand in the marketplace. Vera’s branding and other design and marketing materials will help you reach out to the customers you want, and bring them to the burgers they love.
  • FRANCHISE INVESTMENT PROCESS. Owning a Vera’s Burger Shack franchise is a big investment in your future, and it represents a big investment of your time. And just as you take great care in choosing business opportunities, we take great care in selecting our franchisees. We’ll work closely together throughout the application process to make sure we’re a great fit, and can help guide you through the entire investment process including financing.

     The support I got when I opened was great... Vera’s gives you the tools to be a successful operator..."

- Anthony Tse - Main St. Vancouver

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